A Short Biography of Principal Dr. Mohammad Sanaullah

A Short Biography of
Principal Dr. Mohammad Sanaullah

Dr. Mohammad Sanaullah was born on the 26 September 1967 in the village named Toitong of Pekua Upazilla in Cox's Bazar. His father who is named Late Hazrat Moulana Hason Sharif (R) established Toitong Jameya Uloom Madrasa, Bonkanon Eshayetul Uloom Madrasa and three mosques as well as played an active role for the establishment of Toitong High School. He also performed his duty as the member and Chairman in charge of Barbakia Union. Besides, he played main role as the headman of Toitong forest division in making habitat in the reserve area and in translating forestation program into reality. He worked inidle throughout his life for the welfare activities, spreading education and entire development of the area. He was loved by all for his outstanding wisdom and as he was a great educationist. His mother's name is Late Maimuna Begum. His wife Shahnaj Parveen B.A Hons. (Eng.) M. A. (DU) is rendering her service as an Assistant Teacher (English) in Chittagong Govt. Collegiate School. At present Principal Dr. Mohammad Sanaullah has two children-Syamul Hasan Syam and Rafiul Hasan Rafi.

Principal Dr. Mohammad Sanaullah attained B. Com (Hons) M. Com (Acc.), M. Com. (Finance) from Chittagong University as well as B. Ed. & M. Ed. degree from Teachers' Training College, Chittagong. He also gained Pre-M.B.A from Open University, Diploma in Computer Science from NITA approved by Notrams and E. S. P Graduation as well as Masters Degree by Gurujee Shaheed Al Bokhari from Yoga Foundation. At present he is researching as the Research in Teachers' Training Education, IAP-UK. He took Ph.D Degree from the University of Western Virginia, USA on 'The New Strategy of The European Union and Its Impact on The Central Asia; A Comparative Analysis'.

During his student life for sixteen years with great skill and popularity Dr. Mohammad Sanaullah directed a coaching centre named Merit Academy. Afterwards he thought over setting up a modern educational institute to educate the children of the poor people of his respective area for spreading the light of education in Bakalia Thana lagged behind in the field of education. As a result, in 1998 he established Mern Sun School & College having Pre Nursery to Twelve Class as a fully class dependent educational institute. This institute was and is being liked by the qualified people as one of the popular model educational institutes. He is the Principal of this institute and at present it has two campuses. Now Mern Sun School & College is a popular educational institute approved and affiliated by Education Ministry and Secondary & Higher Secondary Education Board, Chittagong. He also established Merit Bangladesh School & College at CDA Avenue, Bahaddarhat, approved & affiliated by Ministry of Education and Chittagong Education Board as well as Chittagong Physical Education College (BPEd College) approved and enlisted by National University.

Founder & Principal :  Mern Sun School & College
Founder & Principal :  Mern Sun College
Founder & Chairman : Merit Bangladesh School & College
Founder & Chairman : Merit Bangladesh College
Founder & Executive Director : Maolana Moniruzzaman Islamabadi Girls' Hostel
Founder & Executive Director : Mern Sun Moulana Hason Sharif (R) Smriti Saiysthaseba Kendro
President :                     SAARC Cultural Forum Bangladesh
President :                     Chittagong Physical Education College
President :                     Managing Committee, Toitong  High School, Pekua,  Cox's Bazar.
President :                     Divisional Social Welfare Federation, Bakolia Thana.
President :                     Bottoli Shafiqia Dakhil Madrasa, Toitong, Pekua, Cox's Bazar
President :                     Upazilla Anti-corruption Committee, Pekua, Cox's Bazar
President :                     Upakulio Unnoyon Foundation, Mohanogor Committee
Chairman :                    Merit Bangladesh Foundation
Chairman :                    Merit Bangladesh Foundation Trust
Chairman :                    Mumu Enterprize Private Ltd.
Chairman:                     Bangladesh Human Rights Commission, Cox's Bazar District
Chairman:                     Protnotatta Alokchitra Museum, Chittagong
Chairman in Charge:     Advisory Committee, Chittagong Anti-Dowery Movement
Senior Joint Secretary:   UNESCO Clubs Federation Central Committee
Vice President:              Human Rights Forum Chittagong Divisional Committee
Vice President:              Upakulio Unnoyon Foundation
Vice President:              Chakaria Upazilla Samiti
Director :                       Daily Bankkhali, Cox's Bazar
Treasurer              :        Social Welfare Bureau Chittagong Town Project -3
Executive Member :      Chattagram Maa, Shishu & General Hospital
Executive Member :      Chittagong Diabetic Hospital
Executive Member :      Lions' Club of Chittagong Presidency
Executive Member :      Onnesha (NGO)
Founder Member :         Chattagram Maa, Shishu & General Hospital Medical College
Doner Member :            Toitong High School, Pekua, Cox's Bazar
Doner Member :            Bottoli Shafiqia Dakhil Madrasa, Toitong, Pekua, Cox's Bazar  
Life Member :               Graduate Forum, Chittagong University
Life Member :               Hisabbiggan Samiti, Chittagong University
Life Member :               Chittagong Medical College Rogi Kolliyan Samiti
Life Member :               Quantum Foundation, Shantinagar, Dhaka.
Life Member :               Social Welfare Bureau Chittagong Town Project 1&3
Life Member :               Pekua Woman Welfare Organization
Life Member :               National TB Hospital
Member :                       Islamabad Town Co-operative Society Limited
Member :                       Bangladesh Journalist Assosiation
Member :                       FBICC
Adviser President :        'Meghla' Social & Cultural Organization
Adviser President:         Chittagong History Research Centre
Adviser President :        Ekota Club, Bakolia, Chittagong
Chief Editor:                 Monthly Cox's Bazar Saikat
Chief Editor:                 Daily Tourist
Adviser Editor  :            Daily Muktobani
Adviser  :                      SAARC Human Rights Forum Bangladesh
Adviser :                       Cox's Bazar Student Forum
Adviser  :                      Pekua Chhattro Jubo Kolyan Parishad
Adviser :                       Chakaria Pekua University Student Forum
Adviser :                       Pekua Student Youth Unity Council
Adviser :                       Adhiti Club, Bakolia, Ctg.
Convener:                     Chittagong South Development Committee
Convener:                     Bangladesh Manobadhikar Bastobayon Songstha Chittagong
                                      Mohanogor Committee

Besides, he performed his duty as the Founder Chief Secretary of Pekua Upazilla Samiti and the Founder President of Chakaria Student Welfare Organization. At present, he is rendering his service as the member and the adviser of many other institutes. He gained lots of prizes and awards for his outstanding contributions in spreading education and social service by different institutes. As the recognition of his contribution in education and social service he was awarded valuable crest from UNESCO Clubs Federation. He is also skilled in literary work and is well known as a dedicated social worker, social server, educationist, education researcher & columnist not only in Chittagong but also outside of Chittagong. In the mean time, a lot of his books have been published through his editing by Merit Prokashon. He writes regularly in national and local papers. Recently his liberation war based book with lots of documentary pictures "Itihas Kotha Koy" has drawn a great attraction not only of the people of home but also that of abroad.

For outstanding contribution in human welfare & social service, his biography has also been published in the renowned book
'Somaj Sebai Chattagram'.

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